About Snow 

The strange case of me is that I feel I haven't grown a day since my 18th birthday. I may have been blowing candles for another 14 years since that day, but time hasn't really passed. I am still the wild youth I was back then, ready to take over the world, planning travels to faraway places, planning next Christmases right after the end of the previous ones, always trying to learn new things and always ready to dive into magical worlds and speak with magical creatures, even though there has been the addition of a husband and the most wonderful child in the world to my reality. 

I still believe in a better world and yes, I do dream. 

I adore books and I am trying to make people read more, as reading is an actual window to a world anyone is free to create for themselves. I respect every author, even the ones whose books I have not actually enjoyed. 

One of my favorite things to do is going to the cinema (How typically Scorpian of me). I am quite creative so I paint, sketch, draw and some of my book-inspired works will be presented to you in this blog. 

I write, mostly children's stories, but I do try to write books for adults as well. In fact, I am currently working on one. 

I see the good side of people, I try to always find a happy thought every day to accompany me no matter what and I listen to music every hour of every day, even when there is no radio around. I always have a playlist in my mind according to my mood. 

My favorite book so far is The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran.
My favorite character in a series is Jon Snow and my nickname is a tribute to him.
My favorite rock song is Dream on by Aerosmith
My favorite song in general is Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues and I can't really explain why
My favorite movie is Amadeus
My favorite actor is Johnny Depp because he is talented.
My favorite actress is Maggie Smith.
And finally, YES, I DO BELIEVE IN SANTA!!!!

 I really hope you enjoy our blog!


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